The Silent Don

The Silent Don
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Publication Year: February 2009
Format: Paperback & Hardcover
Length: 304 Pages
ASIN: 1569803552
ISBN: 9781569803554

The Silent Don exposes the life and ruthless times of one of America's most powerful and feared mob bosses.

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About the Book

The Silent Don exposes the life and ruthless times of one of America’s most powerful and feared mob bosses. With a criminal empire that stretched from the Gulf Coast throughout the Caribbean, Trafficante was linked to drug trafficking, plots to kill Fidel Castro, and the assassination of JFK. Scott M. Deitche scoured court records, law-enforcement reports, newspaper accounts, and conducted dozens of interviews to find the compelling story of this enigmatic Mafioso don.

About the Author
Scott M. Deitche

Scott M. Deitche is an author specializing in organized crime and the Mafia. Scott has written seven books and over 50 articles on organized crime for local and national magazines and newspapers. He has been featured on History Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel, AHC, C-Span, and Oxygen Network. In addition, he has also appeared on dozens of local and national news shows, as well as over 40 radio programs. His latest book is "Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New Jersey".

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