So Who The Heck Was Oscar Mayer

So Who The Heck Was Oscar Mayer
Tags: Q-Z, Recommended Books
Publication Year: September 1996
Format: Paperback
Length: 400 Pages
ASIN: 1569800820
ISBN: 9781569800829

Provides biographies of the originators of such companies as Bayer, John Deere, Tupperware, Harley-Davidson, Woolworth's, and Pitney Bowes.

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About the Book

Many of the most famous names in America today aren’t names of actors, rock stars, or politicians, but brand names such as McDonald’s, Maytag, Brooks Brothers, Chevrolet, and Jack Daniel’s. We don’t summon up faces to associate with those names. All we see is the billboard on the side of the road or the logo on the side of the box. Somebody had to originate these companies and give them the household names they now have.¬†So Who the Heck Was Oscar Mayer?¬†tells more than 200 tales behind those household names.

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