Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind The Legend

Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind The Legend
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Tags: I-P, Recommended Books
Publication Year: July 2006
Format: Paperback & Hardcover
Length: 320 Pages
ASIN: 1569803102
ISBN: 9781569803103

This is the definitive biography of a man who became one of the silver screen's enduring legends.

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About the Book

James Stewart was an Oscar-winning Hollywood legend adored for his earnest and kindly persona. A Presbyterian from Pennsylvania who married only once and for life, he was a patriotic man who risked his life serving his country as a bomber pilot in WW II. Highly decorated for his bravery, he really seemed to be like the characters he portrayed. But there was more to Jimmy Stewart, as Michael Munn discovered through interviews and informal meetings with the star and his close friends and colleagues, as well as from the author’s long-term friendship with Stewart’s wife, Gloria. Here Munn reveals Stewart’s notoriously volatile temper, the accusations of racism, and astonishing tales of heady love affairs, hookers, and hoodlums, and Stewart’s run-in with the most dangerous of all gangsters—Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

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