Election 2016: Democracy in Disarray

Election 2016: Democracy in Disarray
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Format: Paperback
Length: 250 Pages
ASIN: 1569808104
ISBN: 9781569808108

When people look back at the 2016 Election, they will use many words to describe it. Among them will not be “decorous,” “thoughtful,” “reasoned,” and “civil.”

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About the Book

When people look back at the 2016 Election, they will use many words to describe it. Among them will not be “decorous,” “thoughtful,” “reasoned,” and “civil.”

The campaign, at times, has seemed as if it was waged in an alternate cartoon universe.

It’s hard to imagine Dwight Eisenhower or Abraham Lincoln boasting in a public forum about the size of their genitals. We have had a candidate being labeled “Lucifer in the Flesh” and the love child of Joe McCarthy and Dracula. And an ultra¬conservative billionaire who has contributed ridiculous amounts of money to right-wingers saying a Democrat might make a better president than the Republican choices.

This has been all part of the craziness and unseemliness that has the rest of the world wondering if we have collectively lost our sanity. Election 2016: Democracy in Disarray will have the nitty-gritty, this and that of the campaign. It will also skewer those that need skewering and puncture pomposity where it needs puncturing.

About the Author
Sandra Lee Stuart

Editor and writer Sandra Lee Stuart is the author of nine books, ranging from "The Silence―A Memoir of a Holocaust Survivor with Lily Lerner"; "Grand Cru (a novel)"; "The Pink Palace: Behind Closed Doors at the Beverly Hills Hotel" and a bestselling diet book. Among her clients have been Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway); Multisystemic Therapy, which helps troubled youth keep out of jail;
Mobiquity, a company that develops mobile apps; WorthPoint, an arts, antiques and collectibles site. She has been both a newspaper reporter and editor. She lives in Denver, Colo., with her husband, journalist and writer Mark Jaffe, and Finnish lapphund Finn.

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