A Man of Indeterminate Value

A Man of Indeterminate Value
Tags: A-H, Recommended Books
Publication Year: June 2013
Format: Paperback
Length: 288 Pages
ISBN: 9781569804902

A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE, the first novel in the Jack Madson trilogyexposes American corporate greed and shortsightedness.

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About the Book

A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE, the first novel in the Jack Madson trilogyexposes American corporate greed and shortsightedness.   In a world plagued by corrupt corporations and sinister forces that prowl the global landscape, Jack Madson needs to escape his own demons.  Trapped in a hate-filled marriage, a job he despises, and a mountain of debt, he’s crafted a plan.  He’ll fake his own death – simultaneously winning a large insurance payout for his family and paving the way for his getaway to Mexico.  There, he’ll create a new life with the money he has been amassing from illegally selling intellectual property to criminal interests in China.

But Madson’s plan goes dangerously wrong in this new thriller. The $2.5 million that he socks away in a secret Mexican bank account becomes Madson’s escape route from all that has come to symbolize his miserable life.  But when he finally arrives south-of-the-border, he learns that he’s been double-crossed by his partner in crime – and his bank account is empty.  Madson has no choice but to return to the States and make a last ditch effort to double his ill-begotten payoff.  The hitch?  He must break into the computer system at NuGen to retrieve highly valuable bio-tech secrets. As bodies pile up, Madson struggles to stay one step ahead of the laser-focused insurance claims investigator who is determined to prove that his “accidental death” is anything but.  This modern day anti-hero’s choices increasingly begin to resemble those of yesteryear’s outlaws.

About the Author
Ron Felber

Ron Felber is a graduate of Georgetown University and Loyola University Chicago where he earned his master’s degree. He started writing articles for True Detective magazine that led to novels published by Barricade Books: "A Man of Indeterminate Value" and "The Kafka Society" culminating with "Dark Angel". His true crime book, "Il Dottore: A Double Life of a Mafia Doctor" was the inspiration for a TV series. Mr. Felber lives in Mendham, NJ

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