End of The Year 2015

Adele Mailer died in November.  She was, of course, Norman Mailer’s second wife…the wife he stabbed, a story that got headlines all around the world.  The Mailers were divorced in 1962 and Adele remained scarred and angry for decades after.  They had two daughters, Danielle and Elizabeth.

Danielle Mailer said her mother remained dedicated to art after her marriage and turned her home into a “giant installation” of assemblages, her chosen medium. “She lived and breathed her art and she passed it on to us,” Danielle said, noting that she was a painter and her sister, Elizabeth, a writer.

Adele also was the author of a memoir, “The Last Party,” a Barricade Books publication.    We are bringing out a trade paperback edition next year with an introduction by Danielle and Elizabeth.


There’s a new owner of the Las Vegas Review Journal, and already we’re reading about editorial difficulties.  It is the main newspaper in a city that gives me nothing but bad memories and not only for the gambling losses of my late husband, Lyle Stuart.  I won’t mention the name of the new owner. Oh, what the hell, it’s Sheldon Adelson.


A good pal, Phil Bruno is known to many as a dealer in remainder books.  His new passion is street photography.  Almost every day I get an email from Phil accompanied by a photo of some site in New York City, a bridge, a building, etc., that has become a record of this great town. Check out Phil J. Bruno on Facebook and see for yourself.


Speaking of Facebook, so many people want us to be Facebook Friends. I’m reminded of a comment made by Barbara Bush, when asked by a reporter, apparently caught without a playbook about putting a question to the wife of President George H. W. Bush.  “Where do you get your clothes?” the reporter asked.  Mrs. Bush responded, “We have our clothes.

I feel something like that about Facebook Friends.  By this I mean people who aren’t really friends.  To paraphrase Barbara Bush, “I have my friends.”


So, friends, all best for a great New Year.