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March / April 2016

With all the recent publicity surrounding “To Kill a Mockingbird,” as a publisher I couldn’t help thinking– narrowly, for sure, but I couldn’t help thinking– now there’s a pretty fair backlist title. At Barricade, we have several titles that are year-in, year-out sellers, largely in the True Crime genre, such as “Confessions of a Second […]

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End of The Year 2015

Adele Mailer died in November.  She was, of course, Norman Mailer’s second wife…the wife he stabbed, a story that got headlines all around the world.  The Mailers were divorced in 1962 and Adele remained scarred and angry for decades after.  They had two daughters, Danielle and Elizabeth. Danielle Mailer said her mother remained dedicated to […]

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The Times We Live In

Thoughts about the news as reported in The New York Times about the attack in Copenhagen.  On Saturday, February 14th, a Danish film director was killed in a café and a Danish Jewish night guard at a synagogue. The gunman, Danish born, was killed by return fire before dawn on February 15th. The Prime minister […]

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