Allen M. Hornblum

Allen M. Hornblum is a Philadelphia based author who tackles controversial, historically under-covered topics in the areas of organized crime, Soviet espionage, and medical ethics. Prior to becoming an author, Hornblum had a varied career that included political organizing, college teaching, and many years in various facets of the criminal justice system. He has served in the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office, Philadelphia Prison System, and the Pennsylvania Crime Commission.

Hornblum’s research and books have been widely covered by the media and have been featured on Good Morning America, the CBS Evening News, CNN, the BBC, numerous radio shows, and just about every newspaper in the country including the front pages of the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hornblum is often asked to lecture on his research and has presented his work to a diverse group including; the National Institutes of Health, the British Medical Association, the FBI, numerous medical schools, as well as Brown, Columbia, and Penn State Universities.

Confessions of a Second Story Man

Confessions of a Second Story Man


Confessions of a Second Story Man follows the gang as they move in and out of homes, courtrooms, and prisons, and even go on the run.

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